Info-Organiser now has new functionality so users can electronically sign PDF documents.

We use Please Sign for the processing of documents and can be found at

The process for signing of documents is as follows:

User selects a PDF documents and chooses Sign Document by right-clicking the document and choosing this option.

A pop up is now displayed:

Graphical user interface, text, application, emailDescription automatically generated

The user now has to fill in the details of where the document will go to be signed. The important fields are the email address as that is where Please Sign will send the document to be signed, the First and LastName of the person who is signing and a message that will be displayed to the user who is signing in the email they receive.

The Email Address collects ALL email addresses from Info-Organiser and displays them in a searchable drop-down list. As you type a letter the emails are filtered.

Once the Email Address has been selected and the user enters the FirstName box the program attempts the break the email address before the ‘@’ symbol, into a FirstName and LastName and fills the boxes in automatically.

The message that will be sent with the document to be signed can be selected from the Select Message drop-down and then edited in the ‘Message to be added’ box or the user can enter their own message in the ‘Message to be added’ box.

Please Sign keeps all signed documents on their secure server under a specified folder that will be setup by the user at commencement of using Please Sign. They also can brand ,change colour scheme etc ,of all sent documents.

  1. ThisFolder Id and Brand Id is stored in Info-Organiser under System Settings:

Graphical user interface, text, applicationDescription automatically generated


When the document is sent to sign the user at the other end will receive an email from Please-Sign to sign the attached document.

There is a Scheduler Service running behind the scenes that, on a daily basis, will communicate with Please Sign and download any recent signed documents.

Once a document is found it is added to the previous document that was sent to be signed and a new version of that document is created so you will now have the original and the newly signed document.