Advanced Document Workflow differs from Advanced Email Workflow by working with all document types, not just emails and instead of looking into email folders every 5 seconds to process them it processes documents AFTER a certain trigger. i.e After a document is saved.

The example we are going to use assumes you have a User-Defined property called Name, if you don’t that’s ok just change it to a User-Defined property you do have.


  1. The Advanced Document Workflow screen looks like:


  1. As you can see the Trigger types are set on creating the workflow. So in the example shown we are triggering the workflow to run ‘After loading a document to the add file screen’.
  2. We are going to create a workflow that will change a documents highlight colour to aqua based on a certain trigger after the document is saved to Info-Organiser.
  3. Type in a workflow name and press Create as per:

  1. The workflow is created, now highlight the workflow and choose ‘After saving a document……’ in the drop down list of triggers. The press Save as highlighted in yellow below.

  1. Select the newly created workflow and you will see 2 tabs are now shown, Triggers and Actions. Select Triggers and add a trigger like this one by choosing the same Category, Type etc as per the screenshot and pressing Add to list:

  1. You have now created a trigger that says if the User Defined type ‘Name’ has been set to ‘simon’ then run this workflow.
  2. Now for an action to perform in this workflow. We will create an Action that will highlight the document in Info-Organiser with the colour Aqua. Choose the options below and press Add to list, similar to the trigger but then choose Save to save the workflow.
  3. Finally go and add a document to Info-Organiser using Add-Docs

  1. After adding a document to the Add-Docs screen remember to change the Name to simon and save the document. Now goto Search and you can see the latest document has been highlighted Aqua.

Important Note:

You can use Advanced Email and Advanced Document workflows together to create really complex workflows for all your documents.