1. This functionality allows a user to create templates with keywords in the document template (.dotx word template file) and these templates can be used to create, for example, quotes for a client etc.
  2. The first new addition is a new User-Defined property called ‘IsTemplate’.


3.    This ‘IsTemplate’ property is used to mark certain templated documents in Info-Organiser.


4.   In the above example we have added four documents and updated one of these (Address) to a newer version of .dotx Word templated documents. The User-Defined property ‘IsTemplate’ is changed to Yes. These templated documents contain keywords that will be replaced by document properties later.

5.    When you right-click a document now there is a new addition to the menu called ‘Create New Version from Template’.

6.    Clicking this option pops-up a ‘Select Template’ dialog:

7.    Even though we had 4 document marked with IsTemplate the system is clever enough to know that 1 of these documents was a newer version of the template. So in the dropdown box we will see 3 options of templates to use. The templated documents MUST HAVE a ‘Document Title’ to be used to display in this pop-up.

8.    What makes a word in the document a keyword is a word starting with '<' and ending with '>'.

9.    Now click Save and a new version of the selected document is created with the various fields replaced.

10.    You can use the document to send to recipients as needed.