A new feature that enables documents to be Archived into a different Archive database.


1.    The first thing required to Archive documents is an Archive Database. This can be created by logging off Info-Organiser and you will now see the Info-Organiser login screen. Choose settings and you will see:




The system detects that no Archive database has been created yet for this current database.


2.    Choose ‘New Archive Database’ button and the Create Database window is displayed:



3.    But Create Database does NOT allow any modifications of database information as it uses the same connection settings but will call the database XXXXX_Archive. Press Create Archive Database to create the database.

4.    A message displaying ‘Archive Database created successfully’ will be displayed once complete.

5.    Now log back into the original database where the system will update the Archive Database to match the current database.

6.    You can now choose a single or multiple documents to Archive out to the Archive Database. 

7.    Choose a document a press the right mouse button and choose ‘Archive Document’. You will now have to answer the question ‘Delete original documents after Archiving?’. This means the following:


    a.    If you choose Cancel Archiving of selected documents is cancelled.

    b.    If you choose No your documents will be archived but the original documents you selected will still exist in the current     database. You can re-archive those documents again as the Archiving process creates unique doc ids in the Archive   Database but, of course, you will have the same document twice in the Archive database.

    c.    Choosing Yes removes the original selected documents PERMANENTLY once all checks have been passed after Archiving.

8.    Now Log Off the current database and in the Settings screen choose the Archive Database from the drop down list and Log back into the new Archive Database.

9.Your newly archived document will be there.