A new feature that enables merging PDFs into a new version.


1.    Select multiple documents on screen and right click and choose Merge PDFs. The Merge PDFs window will now be displayed as per: (If you choose anything other than a PDF document an error will be displayed)




2.    The documents in the PDFs to Merge are the selected documents to be merged. Choose the main document that all documents will be merged into by selecting the document and pressing the Add button, for example:



3.    This shows that all documents will be merged into ID11489 as a single document with multiple pages and ID11489 will become the next version number. In this example it will change to Version 2.

4.    If you have incorrectly selected the wrong documents, you can simply choose the document in the bottom window and press Remove and the document will be removed from the list.

5.    If you have selected the wrong document to merge to select the document in the top window and choose Remove next to the top window and it will be removed and placed back in the list.

6.    The list can be ordered by selecting the document in the bottom list and pressing the Up or Down arrows to reorder the documents. Reordering the documents determines the page order in which the documents are merged into one document.

7.    Once happy with the selections press Merge to merge all the PDFs.

8.    The new version is now displayed on screen.