Updating from Version 11 to Version 12 is simple and only takes a few minutes. 

We recommend that you have your IT provider backup your existing Info-Organiser database before upgrading.

Please follow the 5 steps below.

1.    First you need to uninstall the current Info-Organiser version:

  1. Go to Control Panel
  2. Search for Programs
  3. Select Uninstall a program

2.    From the list of Programs find, select, and uninstall your current version of ‘Info-Organiser’ and ‘Info-Org Office Addins’.

The versions will display as Info-Org, Info-Organiser Desktop, Info-Org Desktop MSI, or Info-Org Office Addins, depending on the version you have, and it will be similar to the snippet below:

3.    Once both older versions are removed, you can install the new Version 12 programs using these download links:

    a.    To install Info-Organiser Version 12 main program go to this link:


Use the ClickOnce Installer button and follow the prompts. 

You will need to click and install the link for each user on each computer

4.    Next Install the Info-Organiser Office Addins

    a.    Go to - http://websites.info-organiser.com.au/io12/Default.aspx

Click the Office Addins Installer button and follow the prompts.

            You will need to click and install the link for each user on each computer

If you require assistance with installation, please visit our helpdesk and do a New Support Ticket:


5.    The new look V12 desktop icon and login screen, pays tribute to our 20th Anniversary in 1999: 

A picture containing mug 
Description automatically generated

    a.    Please type Your Company Name into the new Company Name field (required field) as highlighted above (do not type IOS Technologies - this is an example).

    b.    Login as normal and enjoy the updated look and new features of Info-Organiser V12

Please Note: 

  • Info-Organiser V12 will use all your previous version settings

  • Click here to explore the Info-Organiser Knowledge Base and to lodge a support ticket




Thanks, and have a productive day!