1. First, setup an Email profile as per:


2. Next, setup a template that will be the actual email body.
First, choose Text Block from the Admin menu:

You now have the Text Block Template screen:

3. Give your template a name and press Create. Now you can choose various properties that will be extracted from selected documents when you use the Bulk Email function later.

In the above example we have chosen Doc Name and Date Processed. You can add normal text as well in the document.


4. Finally save your template and click Close to exit the screen.


5. Next, go to the Message section in the Admin tab:

The E-Mail Message screen allows you to pick various profiles, a Subject, and finally an email template you created earlier (in this example we have used Template 1).


Save this new message and click Close to exit the screen.

6. Choose a document from the Smart View Tab and the Bulk Send will be enabled.

Now when you choose the Bulk Send option you will see your new E-Mail Message in the dropdown. Using this example, you would see Message 1.  


Choosing Message 1 will send the email to the person setup in the Email profile.

If you choose multiple documents, each one will go out as a separate email.