E-Mail Profile can connect to an Office 365 server using Exchange Web Services rather than using plain SMTP.


Meaning, that when you use an Office 365 account to send emails, the emails are also stored in the Sent Items of the Office 365 account.


To setup a new Office 365 email profile:

1. Open the Profile using the Admin - Profile button:

2. We will now discuss the data required to setup a profile using the following screen as an example:

3. Follow the instructions below:


Give the profile a name and choose Create.


Select the Use Office 365 checkbox. Some boxes will be greyed out/disabled as they are not required.


The username is the Office365 login you want to use to send the email from.


The password is either your normal password or, if you have Multi Factor Authentication setup, then you will have to create an App Password first by logging into this account in Office 365 and then going to https://account.activedirectory.windowsazure.com/AppPasswords.aspx and creating a new App Password and using that instead.


The sender email is nearly always the same as the username email.


Recipient email is where the email will go to once sent.


If required, a User Defined property (that are extracted from selected documents later) can be used to define where the email goes when sent from the Bulk Send option - also under Admin.


Remember to save the profile once completed. 


Press Send test email button to test the setup.