A new feature that enables you to import and separate multiple-page PDFs so that documents can be indexed separately. Ideal for mixed PDF batches received from other offices or suppliers.


1. Go to Admin > General Settings Tab > PDF Split Tab

2. Use the Browse button to find the folder that contains the PDF documents on your computer.


3. Select Sub-Folders option.

"Search sub-folders" will search and process all sub-folders under the chosen folder.

If you choose "Save documents to a sub-folder" a folder will be created with the same filename and all document pages will be in that folder.


If you choose "Move original document to backup folder" a backup folder will be created, and the original file will be moved to that directory.

Select "Send split details email" to send details of the split operation to an email address. The default email will be the one in the E-Mail Profile setup under Admin > Profile.

4. If you click "Process Files" without selecting any options, the file will be split into multiple documents per page containing the same filename with _page_x added to the filename whereby x is the page number.

5. An Excel spreadsheet will open containing all the details of the split operation.