a. The Info-Organiser Office Add-Ins have been simplified making it even easier and faster to file emails from Outlook into Info-Organiser.

b. A Cancel button has been added on "Prompt for email filing".

Cancel allows you to cancel the prompt for auto filing command. The Yes and No commands work as normal.

2.    New icon - Merge Properties into Doc

a.    The new icon allows you to overwrite keywords in your document in Word ONLY, (this icon is hidden in Outlook and Excel). For example in our word document we have the keywords <Address> <Suburb> and <State>. Now this document could be any form of template you wish or even created on the fly.

b.    Now by clicking on this icon the standard 'File to Info-Org pop-up comes up 

as per filing the document. Once we have chosen the data we are going to use in the document from an existing document in Info-Organiser a document is used to file this merged document. Except the Address, Suburb and State keywords will be replaced automatically.

c.    In the example above we have chosen, in the name, IOS which has matching Sub-Properties as per Address, Suburb and State that we entered into our document as keywords. 

d.    What makes a word in the document a keyword is a word starting with '<' and ending with '>'.

e.    If I now choose the Save icon and save the document a new document is created with the keywords changed.