Notes: Database is Access 2.0

  1. Need to use workgroup program to join dhs.mda file.
  2. Then open carlile.mdb to update
  3. Don't have admin pass. Use services to get passes
  4. You'll need to update 2.0 access databases to 97, then can go to 2013

Issues: Change 16 bit module code to 32-bit code (refer to list below).

  • To open databases in design mode hold shift after typing user and pass

Note: If its an old database you need to get access 2003 and upgrade, then use access 2013 to upgrade again (

Note: If you get a low memory problem search all registry entries for MaxLocksPerFile and increase to maximum value


A file in Microsoft Access 2000 or Access 2002 - 2003 file format has a limit of 1000 modules, while an Access 97 database has a limit of 1024 modules. The number of modules in a Microsoft Access file includes forms and reports with the HasModule property set to Yes. 

To fix this memory problem, reduce the number of objects in your Access database. Consider dividing your application into multiple databases. If you have modules with a large amount of code, consider using library databases to store the code.