The following icons appear on the ADMIN tab on Info-Organiser (see images below). 

Version 11 Admin tab

Version 12 updated Admin tab (Console button is now called Log)

Icons & Functions

  • Access the administration for individual user settings

  • General, Search, Take-Up, Printing, Preview, Cache

  • Enter an IRL link or text to search on

  • This sets the shortcut you can use to search on text in other programs or IRL links

  • IRL Links are in the format

  • Example = IRL:/(Document ID)

  • Administrators Only

  • Access the administration for system-wide settings

  • Administrators Only

  • Setting system-wide property settings including permissions

  • Info-Organiser development team only

  • Administrators Only

  • Setting user access settings including permissions and security groups

  • Customize standard workflow, or create your own

  • Create a Text Block template that can be used in e-mail messages, cover sheets, headers, footers, etc.

  • Create printable templates from Info-Organiser properties

  • This function sends selected documents as email attachments

  • The mail message is created as a template in admin system settings

  • You can send email via your own email server or via a Gmail account

  • Email Message Template

  • Create mail message templates for emailing to customers or alerts for Info-Organiser users

  • E-mail Profiles

  • Create e-mail profiles. Setup SMTP, Receipts, CC etc.

  • Create external data source connections

  • Create connections to external data sources using a UDL connection and a SQL statement

  • These can be used to read data from a 3rd party data source into Info-Organiser

  • Info-Organiser development team only