The following icons appear on the VIEW tab on Info-Organiser (see images below). 

Version 11 View tab

Version 12 updated View tab (Document Permissions has been added)

Icons & Functions

  • Refresh the current view
  • Opens the default windows views

  • Select your saved view to load

  • Open the list of views you have saved

  • Select which one you want to load from the list

  • Select saved shared views to load

  • Open the list of views that are shared to everyone

  • Select which one you want to load from the list

  • Opens view management window

  • Here you can rename, delete, add and share views

  • Save the current view

  • Save the current window layout into a view

  • Document window

  • Open the document view window

  • Opens the Folder Tree, which is a list of folders where documents are added 

  • Opens virtual properties Folder Tree, which is a tree view of properties that filter the document view

  • Note: You can drag documents from Windows onto a virtual properties folder tree to automatically populate the properties. Also can select a folder to populate properties in add documents.

  • Preview window

  • Opens the document preview window

  • Opens the user-defined properties window

  • This includes user-defined properties. Which are custom created to suit your business

  • Add a a copy or multiple copies of documents from the Add Docs tab
  • Opens the Workflow Properties window

  • This includes Workflow Properties, which are built in properties for document control (assigned to, status etc.)

  • Opens the document properties window

  • This includes standard Info-Organiser properties

  • Opens the Toolbar and allows you to move it to your desired position

  • Note: you can right click any menu item and add it to the toolbar for quick access.

  • Connect and switch between multiple Info-Organiser databases

  • Select your document and show any notes on the document

  • Opens the property details for a property

  • These show detailed property information on a property, like an address for a customer

  • This is configured in admin properties

  • Once a document is selected in Smart View or Search Windows Explorer will take you to the documents original location
(Version 12 only)
  • Opens the document permissions properties window
  • This includes document permissions properties, which will list group/roles user has access to

  • Allows you to change the display of your document views
  • Select from drop down menu
  • Detailed Small Icon, Medium Icon, Large Icon list